weekly retreat

Weekly Retreat || Dignity/SD



your daily habits


1. Begin this mini retreat by making the Sign of the Cross. Ask God to make his presence known to you in this moment. Feel his presence around you and rest in it.


2. Spend a few moments asking God to reveal to you all the blessings you have experienced today, whether they are big or small.


3. Reflect for a few moments on your day and your habits. Think of one or two examples of habits which show your true feelings and thoughts. Is it criticizing someone? Gossiping? Putting yourself down? Wasting time on the internet? Smiling at strangers?


4. Ask  God for the help it will take to change unhealthy or unpleasant habits into healthy and/or pleasant ones. Ask God for the grace to break these habits and focus on the good ones.


5. Now give thanks to God for the good habits you've developed. Pray for an increased ability to put these good habits to work for you in your daily life.


6. End by making the Sign of the Cross. If you are so moved, write in a journal the impressions which you discovered during this mini-retreat and look back upon them as the weeks progress.

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