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Weekly Bulletin Blurbs || Dignity/SD
If you missed a blurb in our bulletin, or forgot to grab your copy on Sunday, here is a list of the most recent blurbs from the bulletin.


WELCOME OUR NEW COMMUNITY COUNCIL BOARD MEMBERS! ... We'd like to give thanks to our fellow Dignity/San Diego members Bill M. and Federico M. for joining our Community Council. We really appreciate them giving us some of their time and support to help better serve our community. Please welcome them and if you're interested in joining our council (which meets at 4:30pm before every 3rd Sunday aka Potluck Sunday), let any of your board members know.


TUESDAY RETREATS ... Every Tuesday, there is a new mini-retreat available on our website. They are designed to give us an opportunity to really think about our place in the world and what God has in store for us. Spend a few moments with God in quiet contemplation every week and grow your prayer life. Please visit http://www.dignitysd.org/tuesday_retreats to join in the series.


MAMA'S KITCHEN "PIE IN THE SKY" BAKE SALE ... Mama’s Pie in the Sky is San Diego’s largest annual bake sell benefitting Mama’s Kitchen. From October 9th to November 19th volunteers sell Thanksgiving pies donated and baked by local caterers, restaurants and bakeries to co-workers, friends and family. Mama’s Pie in the Sky benefits Mama’s Kitchen – San Diego’s only free, county-wide, home-delivered meals program for individuals and families affected by AIDS or cancer. For more info, visit https://www.mamaspies.org.


WEEKLY FOOD DRIVE ... If you have any non-perishable food and goods to donate to those in need in our LGBT community, please feel free to bring them to our weekly mass, as they will go to Mama's Kitchen and Special Delivery. Thank you.

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