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Weekly Bulletin Blurbs || Dignity/SD
If you missed a blurb in our bulletin, or forgot to grab your copy on Sunday, here is a list of the most recent blurbs from the bulletin.


3RD SUNDAY OF ADVENT MASS + HOLIDAY POTLUCK ... Dignity/SD will celebrating the 3rd Sunday of Advent this Sunday, December 17th at our usual time and place, followed by a special Holiday potluck afterwards. Please bring a dish or dessert, and all are welcome to join! 


NO COMMUNITY COUNCIL MEETING THIS MONTH ... Dignity/SD's Community Council meetings will resume in January 2018. Enjoy the holidays everyone!


WEEKLY FOOD DRIVE ... The holidays have arrived! If you have any non-perishable food and goods to donate to those in need in our local LGBTQ community, we welcome them  to our weekly mass. They will be distributed to Mama's Kitchen and Special Delivery. We greatly appreciate your kindness and thank you dearly.


DAILY ADVENT REFLECTIONS ... We have Daily Advent Reflections for the three weeks of Advent on our website. Take some time to spend this Season in pray and thought. Download on our website: www.dignitysd.org/advent_2018


2018 "BREAKING BREAD" BOOK DEDICATIONS ... The 2018 Breaking Bread Missals have arrived and we are offering you the opportunity to dedication one - or more - to loved ones who have passed or to honor someone who is important to you. If you'd like to dedicate a Missal, please visit our website and sign up or see one of your Community Council members. Each dedication is only $5. When the liturgical year is finished, you are welcome to take the Missal with you to save as a memento.



4TH SUNDAY OF ADVENT/CHRISTMAS EVE MASS ON SATURDAY, DECEMBER 23RD ... Dignity/SD will be having our 4th Sunday of Advent/Christmas Eve (well, the Eve of Christmas Eve) this year on Saturday, December 23rd at 5pm due to the unavailability of Mission Hills Methodist Church on Sunday. We hope you can join us and celebrate with holiday greetings.

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