unimaginable pain

unimaginable pain || Dignity/SD


by Fr.  Don Greene



The events of the past weekend in Charlottesville, VA remind us the truth in Christ's words, "Whoever has ears ought to hear."


The voice of God calls to us. Not in the roar of the wind or an earthquake, as the prophet Elijah discovers, but in a soft whisper in the tranquil calm of peace. If we are to listen and hear the voice of God, we must be in a place of tranquility to hear it.


The protestors rioters in Virginia this past weekend most certainly did not hear the voice of God. They instead listened to the roar of the wind and took up arms to protest the removal of statues of Civil War era, confederate soldiers. They defended inanimate objects, graven images, erected years ago but now held to be their gods. So vehemently did they defend these idols a young woman was killed and others were injured by the rioters actions.


It is incumbent upon us, especially in these times of chaos, danger, and violence, to turn to the tranquility of God. We must find it in our hearts to seek peace and forgiveness. If we answer violence and hatred with anger of our own, we are not able to hear God's soft whisper. Instead, we are caught up in the roar of the wind and we are moved by it, thrown about on a path not designed for us. 


In these troubled times, seek quiet and stillness. Disconnect from social media if need be and meditate quietly on God's love and compassion for all humanity. Listen to hear the quiet whisper of God's voice. Whoever has ears ought to hear.



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