happy new year

happy new year || Dignity/SD


by Fr. Don Greene, MSSD


Happy New Year!


We celebrate the new calendar year and the beginning of an exciting time for Dignity/SD.  We are celebrating our 45th anniversary as a chapter. We have made some important changes over the last couple of years and we will continue to work to make Dignity/SD the best it can be.


As we look forward to our 45th year, we must pause and look at our long term goals too.  We will be conducting a number of exercises in the next months which will put us on a strong foothold to launch into our planning for our 50th year. The first of these exercises will be a membership survey. We want to hear your feelings on Dignity/SD, where we are and where we're going. This is the first step in a Strategy Planning phase which will take place over the next few months.


The goal of all this work is to move Dignity/SD forward. In a challenging and ever-changing time, the need is strong and vital for a safe and nuturing environment for LGBTQ Catholics and their allies. We will continue to provide that space in San Diego, and we will continue to work to bridge the gaps between the Diocese and ourselves.


There are many exciting changes which will happen soon. I hope you will be open to the Spirit which energizes these changes so you, too, will be energized by what is to come. And I hope you will be an active part of the changes we make.


My prayers are with you all for a peaceful and spiritual new year, full of God's love and grace.



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